Elif Memet

I am an undergraduate at Columbia University, studying Mathematics and Financial Economics. At Columbia, I am one of the ten Science Research Fellows of my class, I have done research with Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz since my freshman year, I am the President of the Columbia Financial Investment Group and one of the 5 members of Columbia’s team to the Federal Reserve Challenge.

​Without a couple of years of volunteering at the English Center and taking advantage of the numerous and unparalleled opportunities, I am sure I could not have fulfilled my dream of studying at a top US university. At English Center, I took more than 15 exams including SAT, College Board and LCCI ones. I also volunteered for many of the activities that Prof. Niculescu initiated, such as the Learn Smiling magazine where I worked as an Editor and Contributor, or the published book The Wonders of American and British Culture and Civilizations which I also co-authored. I was also very fortunate to take part in the national ESU public speaking competitions, debate contests, and international tours that Prof. Niculescu pioneered in Romania.

Looking back, besides furthering my English skills, my close work with Prof. Niculescu taught me how to have confidence in myself, as a result of being able to talk in public, develop coherent and convincing arguments. Yet, perhaps most importantly, English Center developed my strong work ethic-waking up early to help with long hours of proctoring, taking 5-7 exams in a week, presenting my speeches in front of tens of students and forcing myself to come up with answers to their questions- all have prepared me with vital skills in succeeding in any aspect of my college, job and life experiences.